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The particular passion of processing DOP meat of pigs of Cinta Senese, the commitment to care details and the uniqueness of the raw material used are the main elements that make Cinta Senese's ham a prosperous product of excellence, appreciated and known not only in Italy but throughout the world.

Ham's Characteristics

It has red meats, a low percentage of infrared and intramuscular fat, and a compact and white subcutaneous fat with light rosé grain.


The maturation is carried out in appropriate rooms specially equipped to allow adequate air exchange at a controlled temperature for a period ranging from 18 to 24 months depending on the product's size.

Technical Processing

The Cinta's DOP thigh, cleverly trimmed, is massaged by expert hands and covered with a fair amount of salt per piece combined with natural aromas according to an ancient recipe from Tognetti's family. The hams, placed on wooden boards, are rested to reach the right degree of salting and, after subsequent manipulations, the thighs are hung in special cells that allow a gradual and progressive drying of the product. The uncoated muscular part is covered with lard, a dough composed mainly of pig fat; Around 6 months the ham is transferred to the seasoning cells of the plant, where the particular environmental characteristics contributes to the appearance of the special perfume and the flavor of the Cinta's ham.

Technical Schedule

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Our products

Cinta Senese DOP, Montaione Rustico (home-style) Salami, Wild boar, all bred in the big enclosures in the wood in order to bring out all meat taste