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Typical salami, present in sizes from 500 gr and 2 kg, made exclusively with cinta senese pig DOP meats. It is available in whole or in slices vacuum sizes.

Finocchiona's Characteristics

It has a cylindrical shape with the characteristic and natural indigenous flora mycotic developed on the surface of natural guts during maturation.
It is characterized by a dark red with white fat and consistent structure but friable when cut, hence the name; intense and pleasant aroma of wild fennel make this finocchiona incomparable in taste and flavor.


The mixture is stuffed into natural guts and get seasoned in cool, dry place, after being stewed and dried for a period of about 5 weeks, variable depending on the size of the product.

Technical Processing

The mixture consists of finely minced lean meats and fat exclusively from cinta senese pigs PDO; during the kneading salt, pepper and wild fennel are added to give the product its unique flavor. Once stuffed into natural guts and hand-tied the product is aged for the development of the typical aroma and taste.

Technical Schedule

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Download: Cinta's FINOCCHIONA
Download: Cinta's FINOCCHIONA 500G
Download: Cinta's FINOCCHIONA 250G

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Cinta Senese DOP, Montaione Rustico (home-style) Salami, Wild boar, all bred in the big enclosures in the wood in order to bring out all meat taste