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Made exclusively from cinta senese's pigs, is a typical cold cut in whole pieces or sliced in a vacuum

Salami's Characteristics

The combine of flavor and fresh, almost sweet, slightly pink and white, homogeneous and soft texture make this salami unique.


The maturity takes place in special rooms exclusively for this product. For 26 weeks the product rest in special bathtub where, thanks to spices and aromas used in the preparation, it acquires an unique scent and flavors that characterizes it.

Technical Processing

After slaughtering, exclusively coming from the layer of blubber from the occipital region up to the buttocks of pigs PDO, the lard is squared, massaged with salt and placed in special bathtube previously rubbed with garlic.

Technical Schedule

Technical Schedule

Download: Cinta's LARD

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Our products

Cinta Senese DOP, Montaione Rustico (home-style) Salami, Wild boar, all bred in the big enclosures in the wood in order to bring out all meat taste