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This Ham is prepared using a raw material selected carefully by our employees who, with their experience and dedication, transform this product making it unique in its kind.

Salami's Characteristics

The taste is delicate but decisive; the right consistency and harmony between the aromas used make the rustic ham appreciated by all, even the most demanding palates.


The seasoning is done in appropriate rooms expressly equipped to allow proper ventilation at a controlled temperature for a period of time ranging from 12 to 18 months depending on the size of the product.

Technical Processing

The freshly clefted thigh of the pig is massaged, covered with a fair amount of salt and aromas and then rested to the right degree of salt penetration.
After subsequent manipulations, the thighs are hung in special cells that allow a gradual and progressive drying of the product. The actual seasoning takes place in dedicated and constantly controlled rooms for temperature and humidity, to reach the excellent meat's seasoning and maturation.

Technical Schedule

Technical Schedule


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Our products

Cinta Senese DOP, Montaione Rustico (home-style) Salami, Wild boar, all bred in the big enclosures in the wood in order to bring out all meat taste