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Montaione's sausage, with pig Cinta Senese's fat, is present in comfortable jugs of 350 gr.

Sausage's Characteristics

With a cylindrical-tubular shape and rosy color, Montaione's sausage has an intense and characteristic aroma thanks to the mixture of natural aromas used in the preparation. The color is pink thanks to the right lean's and fat's meat percentage, and the texture is soft.


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Technical Processing

Sausage is obtained by mixing pork's meat with finely chopped pure Cinta Senese breeds. The dough is added with natural garlic, salt, pepper and aromas and stuffed in natural gut. After bonding to a short stop at 0/2 ° , the product is packaged in a modified atmosphere.

Technical Schedule

Technical Schedule


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Cinta Senese DOP, Montaione Rustico (home-style) Salami, Wild boar, all bred in the big enclosures in the wood in order to bring out all meat taste